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We keep you challenged, fascinated and infinitely intrigued, curious for what comes next. Our small, agile teams keep you on your toes and ensure that your voice is always heard.

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If two heads are better than one, you can imagine the power of a network of millions. Find new ways to discover skills you didn’t know you had, and learn from and teach others like you.

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Mobile is the future of gaming, and we’ve been living in it since 2009. As a pioneering leader, our network spans the globe, entertaining hundreds of millions of players worldwide.

At Storm8, we provide you with the right resources and programs to keep you at your best.


All the important things you want – like 100% healthcare for you and eligible dependents, competitive compensation package, generous vacation, sick time and paid holidays.

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We also offer the unexpected perks you'll love — like free lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks, funds to decorate your desk, beer tastings, game rooms, free gym, and access to the latest tech and mobile devices – all in a pet friendly office.

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